Burpham, West Sussex
I have made several drawings at Burpham, nr Arundel. These series of prints were made in response to those drawings. The trees prints were made using the solar etch process, and the remainder are collographs.
PR2022-13 Burpham 1.jpg

Burpham 1

PR2022-15 Burpham 2.jpg

Burpham 2

PR2022-17 Burpham 3.jpg

Burpham 3

PR2022-19 Burpham 4.jpg

Burpham 4

PR2022-31 Burpham Trees 1.jpg

Burpham Trees 1

PR2022-36 Burpham Trees 2.jpg

Burpham Trees 2a

PR2022-37 Burpham trees 2.jpg

Burpham Trees 2b

PR2022-40 Burpham trees 3.jpg

Burpham Trees 3

PR2022-45 Burpham trees 4.jpg

Burpham Trees 4

PR2022-46 Burpham trees 5.jpg

Burpham Trees 5

PR2022-47 Burpham trees 6.jpg

Burpham Trees 6

PR2022-49 Burpham trees 7.jpg

Burpham Trees 7

PR2022-50 Burpham trees 8.jpg

Burpham Trees 8