Sue Hawksworth

Visits to Netley Abbey to sketch and photograph the ruins have led to a new painting project. As part of this I recently visited Rievaulx, Fountains, Bylands and Tintern Abbeys. The drawings made during these visits led to a series of work based on fragments of these buildings. Llawhaden Castle is a ruined castle in Pembrokeshire.
PA2013-07 Netley Abbey 1.jpg
PA2013-08 - Netley Abbey 2.jpg
PA2013-09 Netley Abbey 3.jpg
PA2013-10 Netley Abbey 4.jpg
PA2014-01 Llawhaden 1.jpg
PA2014-02 Llawhaden 2.jpg
PA2014-05 Fragments - Fountains 1.jpg
PA2014-06 Fragments - Tintern 1.jpg
PA2014-07 Fragments - Tintern 2.jpg
PA2014-08 Fragments - Fountains 2.jpg
PA2014-09 Fragments - Rievaulx.jpg
PA2014-10 Fragments - Rievaulx 2.jpg
PA2014-11 Rievaulx 3.jpg
DR2013-01 netley ruin 1.jpg
DR2013-02 Netley Abbey 1.jpg
DR2013-03 netley abbey 2.jpg