Sue Hawksworth

A selection of drawings executed in a variety of media. Both Nant y Cwym and Piction Point are in Pembrokeshire. Dragon Hill is near Uffington Castle and the Uffington White Horse.
DR2013-06 dragon hill 1.jpg
DR2013-07 dragon hill 2.jpg
DR2013-08 winter trees, Cowdray.jpg
DR2013-09 roadside pool.jpg
Birling gap.jpg
Farm nr Clapham.jpg
Gateway, Llawhaden.jpg
Hill Nr Clapham 2.jpg
Hill nr Clapham, Yorks.jpg
Rocks, Littlehaven.jpg
Trees Waverley Abbey .jpg
Trees Waverley Abbey, 2.jpg
DR2008-01 tree at picton - charcoal.jpg
DR2008-02 picton lane charcoal.jpg
DR2008-03 nant y cwm charcoal.jpg
DR2008-04 petworth drawing.jpg